Saturday, April 30, 2011

Natty Release Party: success!

The release party in Gorno-Altaisk turned out to be the best release party we ever had, a really joyful evening. I have no idea how many people came, but the place was certainly full of people, who continued to arrive.

We had the usual bulk of DVDs to give out, a talk about free software and Ubuntu, a talk about the local media environment, and lots of interaction and conversations about Ubuntu and open source. For the entertainment part, there was a Mafia game with a geek theme and some live music, performed under Linux with the monome (actually an arduinome) controller and rove.

Several pictures from the event are below, and the full set is available here (courtesy of the Shum webzine).

Во время лекции о свободном софте Игра в "гик-мафию" Вечеринка Гости интересуются мономом