Monday, January 26, 2009


There's not much to write about, but here are several quick updates to keep this feed alive... First of all, Sced source code has been moved to the SuperCollider SVN tree, so any further development is going to continue out there... Another good news is that our favourite text editor - gedit is probably going to have some kind of D-Bus interface for the 2.26 release. So things like ScedDocument (and other means of feedback from sclang) could be finally made possible.

I have moved the few Russian posts in this blog into, thanks to the Blogger import and export feature. It means, that from now on, I shall continue writing in English here and the secondary blog will be in Russian. Looks like it also makes the Blogger interface more convenient, 'cause the engine does not seem to respect the browser language anyway...

And yet one more thing, just in case you'd like to add a little Human look to your code... It can be done with a couple of Ubuntu-coloured themes for GtkSourceView. They're not quite polished yet, but already seem to nicely fit an all-human environment...

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