Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back in Black

There are several big changes in Sced expected in the near future, so today I'm releasing the latest stable 0.4 version, that does not introduce any new features, but has fixes for a couple of long-standing bugs.

It's worth mentioning however, that this version is a lot more compatible with stock and third-party style schemes for Gedit. That means, that your SuperCollider code is going to look cool and stylish, even with the darkest of them... Oh, and quite a number of themes is already available through this page at GNOME Live. Go and check them out!

One more thing. In order to make your Gedit even more great and powerful, make sure you also get the fullscreen plugin and the gedit-plugins package from your distro. The former enables the fullscreen mode for the distraction-free coding (or some live demos, perhaps), and the latter has some neat extensions like bracket completion and tabbar-disabler for an even cleaner workspace!

The Sced tarball itself is available through the usual location and the Debian/Ubuntu packages should be already in the PPA at the time of writing. Just in case you missed the installation instructions, check the following post for a short tutorial. And, of course, your feedback is much appreciated.

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