Friday, May 2, 2008

aoTuV beta5.5

Decided to encode some recently purchased CDs at last, but due to a complete Hardy reinstall last week, I've had to go for some fresh aoTuV vorbis sources and to my suprise there has been a new beta available for quite some time already!

I don't think this version is substantially different from beta5 (aka 4.51), I can't hear any difference between the encoded file and the original at q6 (which is my default quality setting) and both versions produce seemingly identical output to me.

Nevertheless, I've decided to stick with beta5.5 just because it's the latest :) But I couldn't resist building a patched Ubuntu package besides a static oggenc binary, which I've always compiled for this purposes before (simply to keep the system libraries intact).

Just in case anyone's interested in trying beta5.5, the updated libvorbis binaries can be found in my PPA, but the statically linked oggenc 1.2.0 binary is available as well.

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